Customer Testimonials

"I have been taking lessons from Matt since I started playing the game of golf. Since lesson #1 Matt has always made himself available, even if it was only for a minute between lessons, giving himself unselfishly to his students. He is a flexible teacher taking his knowledge of the swing and fitting that to the student. My game has made quantum leaps over the years through Matt's teaching. I recently entered and won The Pinnacle Exceptional Driver Challenge and earned the title "Best Driver of the Golf Ball in North America."

-Scott Ionno

"Matt takes groups of children, all different ages, and teaches them the same skill while keeping them all interested in the lesson. Yet he still manages to give each of them his individual attention. His non-aggresive approach to teaching keeps the children at ease and UN-intimidated at learning a complex sport. Lessons are not limited to just hitting a ball with a club. He shows the importance of proper etiquette and sportsmanship while still having fun.

My 7 year old son has been attending Matt's clinics for two summers. His interest in golf has turned into a growing love of the sport through his lessons. I'm so grateful that he's had Matt as an early example of what a teacher can be. He's made an impression on my son that is more than just a golf professional teaching a sport. Season after season we both look forward to returning. are designed to roll the spring heels and toes of each step, which is what one tends to make the walk across the One advantage is that there is a lot less stress on joints. It is absolutely true that the calf muscles are stimulated much more than normal, you will have to take some time to adjust them. It recommends limiting your walk in the Shoes of ten or fifteen minutes at a time until you change it

-Amy Fuoti Mitchell

I had the best experience on a golf course for 3 full days with Matt. I never met a person with more passion and desire to give his knowledge of the game of golf to another person. He doesn't treat you as a student, he treats you like a friend. I had no idea what I was going to learn in only 3 days, but it was more then I expected. If anyone asks me for a great teacher, Matt is the guy to go to. Thank you so much for a great deal of information and I know that my game has just jumped to the next level.

-Dennis Ives

"Matt has worked on my golf swing for the last 5 years. His professional method of teaching the mechanic's of the swing is straight forward. He makes it easy to comprehend swing thoughts that are reliable and dependable during play. He is great to work with and improved my accuracy with irons 100%. He's a great teacher who can improve any student who wants to better their game."

-Jody Serago

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