Teaching Philosophy

Matt is dedicated to making the game of golf enjoyable for golfers of every level and ability.

Matt has developed the philosophy that good solid fundamentals will lead to a reliable and repeatable golf swing. When the student applies these fundamentals through drills and proper practice, he or she will be on their way to a lifetime of enjoyment from the game of golf.

With our "One Swing Approach" , You will learn to Drive, as you chip, as you putt. ...more text to follow.

Our staff is comprised of Top Instructors in the Northeast. These Instructors will train you in the "One Swing Approach" to help you obtain your goals and become a complete golfer.

At Matt Callaghan Golf Academy, we use state of the art digital video analysis in Private Lessons and Golf Schools. We will work with every aspect of your game to improve fundamentals, accuracy, power and consistency. We put a strong emphasis on short game to help lower your scores. Course Management and the mental aspect of the game are also emphasized with each student.

As the student's training progresses through the "One Swing Approach", Matt and his staff teach students how to understand their swing. We teach you how to practice properly, play the course effectively, and find the areas that need improvement.

Matt and his staff are dedicated to helping you play your best. Enjoy the Game.

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