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Internet Golf lessons are available through our website. If you've had a lesson with any of our instructors please use the login area to gain access to your lessons.

If you haven't had a lesson with an instructor than please register with our site. You will be able to upload a video of your swing and an instructor will evaluate and make the necessary corrections for your swing. Correction videos will include audio notes, video overlays for angles and lines, as well as text descriptions of the corrections.

Are you looking for internet golf lessons? You’ve come to the right place! PGA Teaching Professional Matt Callaghan and his staff offer the public an easy, affordable way to get feedback to improve your golf swing.  Internet Golf Lessons are relatively new to most people, Matt gives you step by step instructions on how to shoot the video and how to upload and email it to him.

Have you ever wondered what the perfect golf gift could be?  What about giving your favorite golfer an Internet Golf Lesson?  Simply contact PGA Golf Instructor Matt Callaghan via email or phone and he will send you a gift certificate!  We have the ability to send golf lesson gift certificates to people anywhere in the world! Matt Callaghan Golf Academy Phone: 609-927-4900   Click Here for Gift Certificates

How do internet golf lessons work? It’s simple, you create a video, upload the video and email it. Click here for the complete instructions on how to upload your video golf lesson. Click Here for Instructions

Internet Golf lessons gift certificates from Matt Callaghan Golf Academy - buy them now! For birthdays, fathers day, retirements, holidays, sales promotions, the possibilities are endless with golf lesson gift certificates.

Remember “Enjoy the game, happy golf is good golf!” Gary Player

Prices are $30 per Internet lesson.

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